Systems Specialist

Let us build your business a mission control

Connect your technology, unleash your data and effectively steer your business to success

Disparate systems rely on people to plug the gaps. Sending information between departments relies on spreadsheets and meetings to exchange vital information. With it comes inaccuracy, errors, bias and time delays.

Integrating your technology and data solves this. Integration is no longer a lengthy and expensive process. In weeks and for less than the cost of a junior hire, we can connect and centralise your data. Giving you accurate and real-time dashboards packed full of insights.

With your own mission control

You’ll finally be able to

Turn your ideas into effective action

Without endless rounds of discussion

Capitalise on new opportunities

Guided by real time data

Quickly spot/neutralise threats.

Before they turn into disasters

Our Approach


An open source infrastructure, running on low cost cloud services to underpin your technology and data


Automated workflows to replace and augment your manual processes and reporting

Business Information

Real-time dashboards and insights on the information needed to move fast


We build solutions with the latest open-source and cloud technology


Turns all of your most important business processes into an API


Self serve BI dashboards to turn information into insight


Integrates all of your operational systems


Share credentials and sensitive data securely


A collaboration hub for asynchronous communication

Railway lets us run bespoke services with near zero overhead

What people say

I really enjoyed working with Ben; he is a secret weapon for a Director. If you're tired of a 'computer says no' IT person, Ben is breadth of fresh air. His ability to understand your problems and find relevant solutions to you is his true x-factor. There is no one size fits all approach or backhander deals with out-dated suppliers, he is shoulder-to-shoulder in your problem with you using his skills to find solutions. And all with a smile!

Chantal Wilson

former People Director at Honest Burgers

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